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SIFH+ was founded in April 2016 by multi-disciplinary artist and curator Bryony Ball.

It was born out of frustration and rage in consistently seeing ​women’s stories being questioned, distorted, ignored or rewritten by the society we live in. It was built to reclaim our identities and prioritise our experience and voice.

There is severe harm caused by the under-representation and misrepresentation of women and girls in our society and by the intersectional discrimination that women and oppressed genders experience on a daily basis. From lack of self-esteem and anxiety, having less opportunities and more barriers, through to experiencing sexual violence and rape, women experience severe damage because of the way our word treats us for being female.

Bryony is survivor of rape and of multiple sexual assaults and worked supporting survivors of sexual violence and survivors of trafficking.

Having experienced trauma and sexism and being surrounded by women who shared her experiences of sexual violence and discrimination she wanted to create a community and platform where we are allowed to be ourselves, have a voice, power and respect. 

SIFH+ is run by a group of truly incredible individuals; some of us are survivors of sexual violence or domestic violence, some of us are migrants, some of us are trans, some of us are queer, all of us suffer mental health problems and all of us have experienced oppression and discrimination in more ways than one because of our identity. All of us want to see change in the structures and society we live in.

We believe that organisations and projects must always be led by those with lived experience of the issues they tackle.

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