We want to see individuals representing themselves over different media platforms and show more accurate representations of their own experiences, culture, identity and stories.


We want to change attitudes towards women and oppressed gender identities and be able to challenge assumptions and stereotypes that already exist.

Our Activities:

Events and partnership work: Directly tackling and raising awareness of gender inequality, sexism and other intersectional discrimination.

We run events, curate exhibitions and put on and collaborate multimedia programmes and activities to open up dialogue about identity. We aim to build networks within communities, start campaigns, create partnerships and share resources and knowledge to directly tackle gender inequality and sexism. We want to create more platforms for those who are being misrepresented and to be able to share their experiences.

1-1 Mentoring: Supporting women and non-binary people to build up their confidence, self-esteem, and resilience and learn different ways to communicate, using photography and image.

This is our Bourke-White Programme. Individuals will receive 1-1 mentoring for ten weeks to support them to develop photography skills and experiment with image making. They will create projects about issues that matter most to them and explore how to use photography for self-expression. There are also different specialist workshops throughout the year for all those who are in or who have been in the BWP to gain further support, skills and ideas.

Group Projects: Creating a platform and safe space for women and non-binary people to explore their experiences, share their stories and represent themselves; using photography, film and image.

We deliver workshops and sessions for groups of women and non-binary people. Our longer group projects include 1-1 mentoring support for each individual to get support developing their project as well as the group workshops and creative activities. We aim for all our group projects will specifically be led by those who experience the issues we explore.