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Borderless: Celebrating Difference

We are excited to announce that we are putting on an all-day event: a programme of workshops, discussion, speakers, film, performance, music and visuals exploring identity.

Our event is a response to the huge rise in sexism, racism and other oppressions and that we have all witnessed over the past year.

We are living in a time of fear, anger and division.

As a result of current politics and our media, we are witnessing barriers and walls being put up between people. Even more misunderstandings and misrepresentations of each others identities and communities leads us to further isolate ourselves, putting great distance between one another.

This programme intends to figure out how we formed the distance amongst us in order to be able to mend those relationships, listen to each other and understand our individual experiences.

In our society the voices of women and oppressed genders are often ignored: although the event is open to everyone, the programme will be taken up entirely by women (trans and cis) and non-binary people.

We want to challenge oppression, dissect privilege and find power and beauty in vulnerability.

Borderless will be unconventional and bold, challenging our culture of fear and violence through creativity, connection and kindness.

The programme has been put together by many incredible individuals and exciting collaborators. We are survivors of rape, sexual violence, domestic violence, trafficking, hate crime; we are refugees, we are migrants, we are women of colour, we are queer, we suffer mental health problems, we are trans, we non-binary, we are young, we are old, we have all experienced oppression and discrimination in more ways than one because of our identity. We are fierce and we are ready for change.

Programme includes:

Powerful women: SIFH’s self-portrait exhibition, exploring identity, by women in Bristol. Speakers/film/workshops including voguing and a collage workshop exploring self by Papergirl Bristol.

From 12pm: Collaboration with Bristol Women of the World

From 2pm: Panel Discussions Understanding sexism, objectification and rape culture Dissecting xenophobia, racism and hate crime

Speakers confirmed are experts in this field by having actually experienced the issues discussed. Expect faces from BEEF, gal-dem, Bristol Is The New Black, Safe Space, Ujima Radio and VOIC.

From 6.30pm Music and performance by women and non-binary artists including Takeovers by THORNY and Saffron Records

Sunday, June 11, 12-10pm, Trinity:free, but advance booking recommended.

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