Feasting and story sharing at Borderless

We will be collaborating with two incredible groups at our event at Borderless. 91 Ways to Build a Global City and Women of The World. Both will be sharing stories, facilitating conversation and delicious food

91 Ways is a charity that works to bring Bristol's 91 Language Communities together through the uniting power of food. We have a vision of connecting all of Bristol’s language communities through something that we all share, a love of good food. And it works! We run supper clubs, cook up events, workshops, festivals and collect stories around the city. We have worked with people from all corners of Bristol and from all walks of life! We watch people cross borders and reach understanding and unity at every single event we hold.We see the uniting power of food, and the importance of eating and sharing good food to our identity, sense of self and our sense of belonging. We Bring Bristol Together

The Bristol WoW (Women of the World) are based in Bristol and running most of their events at Hamilton House, WoW attracts around 40 – 50 women every month. The women only events are popular and fun, with tea, cake, clothes and book swaps a regular feature. Activities range from singing, to talks on GM and dance and story telling.

WoW brings together women of diverse backgrounds and ages. Whether they are long term residents of the city or new inhabitants, the women and children find solidarity in the the opportunity to discovery new connections and a safe and open environment to gather in.

‘Women of the World’ is a title that truly illustrates the group – the group is composed of Irish, African, English, Scottish, Somalian, Egyptian, Iranian, Jamaican and other West indians, Italian, Spanish, Welsh, Cornish, Indian and the list goes on…!

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