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Panel Discussion at Borderless

Although the foundation of SIFH+ is representing our identities and sharing our voices through photography and image, it is important that discussion comes within that. At our Borderless event one of the most important parts of the day is hearing from people who have experienced oppression directly because of their identity.

SIFH+ is about us owning our stories and experiences as women and non-binary people. We wanted to make sure that the space is a platform to hear personal experience and amplify voices that are less heard. This is why we have chosen to have two panel discussions exploring experiences in relation to identity.

For our communities to be able to connect and grow stronger we need to be able to truly understand each other and hear each other's experiences. This is the space to listen.

Our first Panel is 'Identity: understanding sexism, objectification and rape culture'

Facilitated by Cheryl Morgan

Cheryl is a writer, educator and broadcaster. She delivers trans awareness training for The Diversity Trust and SARI, and is co-chair of OutStories Bristol, a local LGBT history organisation. She co-hosts the Women's Outlook show on Ujima Radio. Cheryl is a member of the Women's Equality Party.


  • Folami Prehaye: Survivor of image-based sexual abuse and founder of VOIC a project that supports people to speak out about image-based abuse.

  • Meg Baker: One of the Founders of Safe Space an entirely survivor-led support group for survivors of rape and sexual violence.

  • Nasra Ahmed: Outreach Worker and a Junior Trustee for Integrate UK, who do work around violence against women and girls and are most known for their work around raising awareness around FGM.

Second panel discussion: 'Identity: dissecting xenophobia, racism and hate crime'

Facilitated by Yaz Brien

Yaz has been involved in grassroots organising and social movements for the last two decades, bringing a queer, anti-racist and feminist perspective to all the work they do. They have self-published numerous articles and booklets on topics such as migration struggles and climate justice, as well as appearing in Race Revolt and No Condition Is Permanent. They currently have a regular presenting slot on Ujima Radio's Women's Outlook show.


  • Chante Joseph: Amongst many incredible projects, whilst being a high-achieving full time student, Chante has founded ‘Bristol Is The New Black’ a project that raises awareness of black people who are shaping the life and culture in Bristol.

  • Radhika Jani: Heavily involved with the BME Association at Bristol University, Radhika has also been a champion for the Why is My Curriculum White campaign; a student­-led, grassroots campaign that aims to challenge whiteness in education.

  • Yewande Adenirean: Yewande is currently a label assistant at Bristol based label Black Acre, a freelance journalist for various publications including gal-dem and Bristol Live Magazine and founder of Intervention (facilitating DJing workshops for all women and non-binary folk.

  • Libita Clayton: A catalyst, interested in the politics of space and inspired by, the people within it. Libita is an Artist and member of Bristol BEEF; a film and sound collective supporting experimental practice in Bristol.

  • Anira Khokhar: Anira has spent sixteen years working in the community and voluntary sector in Bristol as well as being an activist, journalist and radio presenter. She focuses on issues facing Muslim communities from a Muslim women’s perspective.

We are so excited to hear from all these powerful women and incredible non-binary people.

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