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Exhibition at Borderless

It wouldn't be See It From Her without the photography work of women and non-binary people taking up space. You will have seen our submission call out over the past couple of months; we have had some very exciting entries. At Borderless we will be presenting to you these pieces in exhibition.

In this eclectic collection of photographs, women and non-binary folk take back power and space. Through self-portraiture, they choose how they want to be seen and express their true identity, taking control over misrepresentation and stereotyping often seen in the media. The photographs shown in this exhibition are work submitted by women and non-binary people in Bristol, who responded to a call out, and work submitted by women who took part in workshops organised by See It From Her, creating a display of different styles and technique and allowing the artists to represent themselves on their own terms. Exploring the theme of identity, the artists touch on subjects such as gender, race, mental health, ultimately trying to represent and celebrate what makes them who they are.

There will be many different pieces of work on the day. Here is sneaky peak at a couple.

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