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See It From Her + Stour Space and Iceandfire

At Stour Space

An evening to explore human rights, hearing from the people who have sought asylum, who have been trafficked and who have survived immigration detention. 7pm: Doors open 7:30 - 8.15pm: Performance/reading from Iceandfire Collage workshop ongoing throughout the night Exhibition open until 10.30pm.

AFFECTED BY DETENTION In the UK, the Government detains approximately 30,000 people for immigration purposes per year. Many are detained in conditions that challenge fundamental human rights, just for administrative purposes. It is not a criminal procedure, yet migrants are similarly locked up and denied their freedom.

"It’s not good, you are locked. It’s like jail. There’s barbed wire all around the fences."

What goes on in our immigration system and inside detention is often kept very hidden and migrant lives are misrepresented. Those with experience are not always in a position to speak out. This exhibition is a series of photographs created and directed by people who have survived immigration and detention. The work is an expression of individual experiences, focusing on the matters that the individuals most wanted to communicate about their journey. It is an opportunity to hear directly from those who have been affected.

The performance: THIS IS WHO I AM "Then they separated us. We tried to say no, we applied for asylum as a couple. They say we don’t have any civil evidence that we are a couple. And we’re like “how can we show you any civil evidence if homosexuality is forbidden in my country?” First-hand accounts of LGBT+ people seeking asylum in the UK about their experiences in their own country and on arrival in the UK, addressing the particular challenges they face. Read by members of the Actors For Human Rights Network.

“The monologues simply but powerfully illustrate the pain, hurdles and humiliation they encounter and are given an unadorned reading… the accounts speak for themselves and allow a light to be shone on the plight of a particular group of refugees that are ignored or met with incomprehension or minimisation of what they go through.” Audience Member

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