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An exciting new
Mentoring Programme

The Bourke-White Programme is for all women (trans and cis), gender variant and non-binary people in Bristol. 

Inspiring female and gender non-conforming photographers will facilitate a six week programme of one to one support with their mentee where they will develop photography skills and learn how to use images as a powerful communication tool.

Each programme is uniquely built by both the mentor and mentee and takes place at outdoor locations in central Bristol.

All mentors will have been trained and receive regular support for their work.

The aim is not only to use photography as a means to have a voice and tell a story, but to encourage a process of creative self expression, processing emotions and as a tool for ill mental health recovery.


This is important in a society where we are all made to feel powerless, inferior or isolated at times.


The Bourke-White Programme is named after Margaret Bourke-White, a Documentary Photographer best known as the first foreign Photographer permitted to take pictures of soviet industry, the first American female war Photojournalist and the first female Photographer for Life magazine.

You can access the programme by sending us an email expressing your interest (or you can ask someone to on your behalf) and we will arrange to have a short meeting so you can find out more and see if the programme is right for you.

After this, if you are happy we will then match you up with a mentor to start your mentoring.

The programme is entirely free including all materials, tools and exhibition costs.


Currently, to be eligible you need to be living in the Bristol area and be over 16.


You don't need to be fluent in English or have any writing skills to be part of the programme and you don't have to have ever done photography before. Sessions will be structured to suit you. We welcome people with all levels of ability. Let us know any accessibility needs and we will try to arrange what you need.



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