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A society where women, non-binary and gender variant people have real representation




We are loud and rebellious in the way that we face gender inequality.


We are led by exceptional women, agender, gender variant and non-binary people: survivors of sexual violence and rape, survivors of domestic violence, those who experience physical or mental disability, those who have experienced self harm, those who have experienced addiction, those who are migrants, and those who experience racism and xenophobia.


We refuse to be silent.


Our development is based on collective and ever-evolving research and all of our personal experiences. We encourage each other to learn and to ‘unlearn’.


We believe in changing the whole structure of our society and finding unconventional solutions to the barriers we face. This is why creativity is so central to our practice.


We question hierarchy and educate each other on power dynamics. We encourage each other to ‘call in’ oppressive behaviour and to avoid being defensive.


Before spending money we to try to source pre-used equipment, share existing spaces and work collaboratively to achieve our aims.


We are entirely run by passionate individuals who all volunteer their own time, talent and expertise for free because they believe in SIFH+’s vision.


We build strong partnerships with existing organisations, community groups and grassroots projects that have the same values by sharing resources and support each other.


We nurture kindness and compassion in all our practice.


We are collectively and individually supportive of each other inside and outside the organisation.


We celebrate flaws and allow for mistakes. We believe that ‘failure’ and weakness are often strengths.


We understand that everyone is human and therefore complex and complicated. In any conflict or misunderstanding we try to see each others feelings and needs instead of judgments and criticism.


To give women and girls the tools and support they need to tell their own story
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